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Contact[LESS] SALE

EDIT 2/11/2021: LAST WEEK!! Ends this Sunday. Make us an offer.

If you’ve been eyeing off something on the web in preparation for next season, or a Spring hiking session, get in CONTACT with us, and grab it for LESS!

Discounting is usually limited to discontinued stock and rare events here at The Mountain Garage, and well, this certainly is a rare event, so we are now on Sale (sort of)!

Rather than put a blanket sale discount up, we’re opening up the communication lines for some old school negotiation... How business was done in the past.

Here’s how it works:

  1. GET IN TOUCH with us via either phone, emailInsta or Facebook (or snail mail if you want to miss out), and put in your best offer for the product(s) you are interested in. We are happy to answer any questions you have and offer our advice at this point too.
  2. NEGOTIATION time… If the offer is good, it’s yours! If it’s on the low side for what we are prepared to sell it for, we can negotiate to find a fairer price to suit both parties… No pressure to buy at all. Let's have some fun with the negotiation process!
  3. SUCCESS! Following cleared payment (Cc, PayPal, AfterPay, Bank Transfer), your goodies will be posted out to you, with care. We offer free delivery for orders over $100 Australia-wide.

All categories and products are included in the Contact[LESS] Sale, and all products on our website are currently in stock.

SALE STARTS NOW and ends when we feel like it! You know where to find us ;)