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We support the brands that actually give a damn! The ones with a team, the ones out there funding movie projects, the ones putting back into the lifestyle we all love. All in all they care, we care and you care!

Wherever possible we look to support Australian snowboard brands, which in turn supports our industry, and the growth of snowboarding in Australia...

Brands we carry include 32 Snowboard Boots, Airblaster, Academy Snowboard Co, Bataleon Snowboards, Bent Metal bindings, Black Diamond, Blak Apparel, Catalyst Custom Snowboards, Celtek Gloves, Crab Grab, Death Label, Deeluxe snowboard boots, Demon Snow, Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards, Douchebags, Drink Water, Electric Goggles, Flow Snowboard Bags, Flux Bindings, Gnarly Clothes, GNU snowboards, Happy Mitts, Holden Outerwear, Lobster Snowboards, Modest Eyes, Moss Snowstick, Niche Snowboards, Pow Gloves, Purl Wax, Rad Gloves, Ride, Saga Outerwear, Sandbox Helmets, SP bindings, Shred Rescue, Stinky Socks, Switchback Bindings, Thirty Two Boots, Toko, United Shapes, XTM, Yobeat Apparel & Yuki Threads.