Our Story

“Started from the Garage and now we’re here"...

In 2012, James Meade (owner) returned to Sydney from a bone chilling ‘Endless Winter’ in which he had worked and snowboarded his way through Australia, Canada, the USA & Europe. Upon returning, and with an eagerness to stay connected with the snow world, James decided he would rent a garage space and launch a business to fill a gap in the marketplace, a Door2Door ski & snowboard tuning service for time-stricken Sydney-siders. The service quickly gained traction and a loyal customer base and quite unexpectedly turned from a side-hustle into a full time gig...

The original garage space ~2013

Waxing snowboards day & night gives a person plenty of time to think, and soon enough there were bigger ideas brewing... Having always passionately supported the smaller, core snowboard brands whilst riding overseas, and realising that many of these companies and products did not exist in the marketplace in Australia, James thought that perhaps it was time to take a punt, expand operations and to offer up something different to the Australian scene... So, in 2014, with help from friends and family, 'The Mountain Garage' officially opened its doors as a boutique snowboard store & workshop on Sydney's Northern Beaches, specialised in showcasing and supporting the hard-to-find niche, independent and Australian owned snowboarding brands, which were very underrepresented in stores in Australia at the time.

Video Tour of The Mountain Garage Sydney in 2019

Season after season the shop was growing, and began to stock more in order to meet the demand. While the growth was great financially, personally it was beginning to take its toll on the crew with less free time to snowboard themselves and increased pressure to keep up with the growth. Concurrently at this time, they had been witnessing first hand the effect that consumerism and trend-based selling cycles was having on the Planet. It was time once again to take stock and re-align the business model with their personal compasses...

In early 2020, The Mountain Garage transitioned to an online only operation, supplying 'only what you NEED to snowboard', with an emphasis on supporting local Australian brands, and also those utilising sustainable manufacturing and logistical methods wherever possible. Just 3 simple categories remained; Boards, Care & Staples, comprised of quality, curated products designed to ensure that riders not only get the performance they deserve from their equipment, but that their gear is lasts for years and years to come.


Now run by a team of 3, The Mountain Garage is commited to representing real snowboarding and to playing our part in moving away from consumerism and towards a more sustainable, community focused approach to business, and to boarding!!

We stock only what you NEED:

We select and carry only the best performing & most unique shapes available from brands like Bataleon and United Shapes.

What’s the point of having nice things if they’re not cared for? Waxing and tuning your equipment prolongs their usable life, and provides maximum on hill performance. Do It Yourself with our range of ski & snowboard wax, tools and tuning kits.

STAPLES includes everything else you need to ride (except boots, best to get fitted at your local store for these). Staples include outerwear, gloves, goggles, thermals, helmets, travel bags and smaller items like stomp pads, all in black, and from 50%+ Aussie Brands.