Our Story

The Mountain Garage is committed to representing REAL snowboarding. We stock and support local and independent snowboard brands, and supply ‘Only What You Need’. We’re about passion over profit, and putting people and the planet first.

The Business began in 2012 as a side-hustle Door2Door waxing & tuning service for time stricken Sydney-siders. As the customer base grew, so did the vision, and James Meade, the original founder expanded operations to offer up something different to the Australian scene. In 2014, The Mountain Garage was born, and its mission was to represent the smaller, hard-to-find, niche & independent snowboarding brands here in Australia, many of which were unavailable locally at the time. The vision gained traction and soon developed into a full service boutique snowboard store and workshop in Manly Vale where it traded for 5 years.

Video Tour of The Mountain Garage Sydney in 2019

In early 2020, The Mountain Garage transitioned into an Online Only operation, supplying ‘Only What You Need’ to snowboard. The mission remained to support and showcase the smaller, independent brands, but the focus had shifted a little in an effort to move towards a more sustainable approach to retail and to snowboarding. Just 3 simple categories remained; Boards, Care & Staples, comprised of quality, curated products designed to ensure that riders not only get the performance they deserve from their equipment, but that their gear is lasts for years and years to come.

Owner-Operator Aidan Pincus took the reins of TMG in 2023, and as well as operating the Business, is aiming to bring people & products together to help foster a strong local community of snowboarders here in Australia.

“My passion for the snow started at age 6 and my love for snowboarding started at 11. This love of the mountains has never stopped. 
At 15 I started training in Australia with Mikey Williams & Ryan Tiene and have trained and competed in Colorado, Japan and New Zealand.
My love for the sport led me to working in the retail industry starting in the early days of The Mountain Garage and going on to other great companies where I gained a better understanding of what us boarders are after and which brands deliver on snow. 
Through this time my interest in retail and supporting local businesses has grown to where I am today. 
This next chapter has me very excited and I can’t wait to see where I can take The Mountain Garage into the future.”


Aidan Pincus

We stock only what you NEED:

We select and carry only the best performing & most unique shapes available from brands like Bataleon and United Shapes.

What’s the point of having nice things if they’re not cared for? Waxing and tuning your equipment prolongs their usable life, and provides maximum on hill performance. Do It Yourself with our range of ski & snowboard wax, tools and tuning kits.

STAPLES includes everything else you need to ride (except boots, best to get fitted at your local store for these). Staples include outerwear, gloves, goggles, thermals, helmets, travel bags and smaller items like stomp pads, all in black, and from 50%+ Aussie Brands.