Who are we?

Operating online, we stock ONLY what you need to snowboard, from local Australian and Independent brands.

We are striving towards sustainable snowboarding and are committed to playing our part in moving away from mass-production and returning to a more localised, community focused approach to business, and boarding!

We stock only what you NEED:

We select and carry only the best performing & most unique shapes available from brands like Bataleon, United Shapes and NICHE Snowboards.

What’s the point of having nice things if they’re not cared for? Waxing and tuning your equipment prolongs their usable life, and provides maximum on hill performance. Do It Yourself with our range of ski & snowboard wax, tools and tuning kits.

STAPLES includes everything else you need to ride (except boots, best to get fitted at your local store for these). Staples include outerwear, gloves, goggles, thermals, helmets, travel bags and smaller items like stomp pads, all in black, and from 50%+ Aussie Brands.

Learn more about WHERE WE CAME FROM (our history), and where we're going (click the links below).