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Road Trippin'

If you visited the site in Feb, March or April, you mighta seen that we have been road tripping along the East Coast for a few months... A bit of down time, and time for adventure.

After 7000kms travelling through 3 states, we are now well rested and back on deck, the site is live and we are ready to roll through to what we hope will be a momentus Winter for all, it has been a while for most!

Here's a little of what we were upto...

It was a surf focused journey this one...

Billy the Rig in TAS.

Cradle Mountain, TAS.

Bells Beach, mind blown!

Winter is just around the corner, and the time will soon come for us all to hop in our cars, on buses or trains, or by any other means neccessary in the annual pilgrimage down (or up) to the Snowy Mountains. Whether its the resorts of of our Southern States you're headed to, or the Backcountry of a rarely traversed isolated snow covered peak, I think we can all agree that, after a long wait (for most), it is absolutely ON for young and old this season.

Here's to Winter Road Trips, to fresh snow, hell, here's to riding slush in the rain if it comes to it... Let's make the most of this season, pay respect to, and treasure Mother Nature and have a whole lotta fun doing it...

Here's to Winter 2022 :))