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Watch it Wednesday: Channel by United Shapes

In this second instalment of Watch it Wednesday, we bring you a cracker of a snowboard movie by our much loved mountain-focused snowboard brand, United Shapes. 'Watch it Wednesday' is a weekly segment where we present to you snowboarding content that you might not have come across before. Movies and culture that are not typically distributed through the mainstream snow media.

'Channel' motivates you to ride, not by hyping you up, but by channeling you in, to a moment, to the culture, to snowboarding. A meditative snowboard movie of sorts. So, here we go...


If you missed last weeks 'Watch it Wednesday' we brought to you a new Vodcast, hosted by funny man and ThirtyTwo rider Chris Grenier, and photographer and funny man in his own right E-Stone.

All of 'The Bomb Hole' episodes are worth watching, but this episode with Stevie Bell really engaged us. The 'Forum' era inspired a whole generation of riders, and Stevie played an intrigal part in this. Stevie riffs with the hosts about the Olden Golden Days of snowboarding, partying and riding rails in Russia, as well as sharing his insights on the current situation going down in America. Yeah Stevie, Forever Forum!

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