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Watch it Wednesday: Nostalgia

In the last instalment of 'Watch it Wednesday' for the season, I'm going back in time through my snowboard mind to bring you my top 5 edits that made me a lifelong snowboarding addict... If you're between 25 & 40, chances are some of these will bring a smile to your face if you too are a nostalgic ageing snowboarder :)

So here we go...

#5 'Tall Tee Steeze' Torstein Horgmo, 2010

#4 'DOPE II'
 (specifically Alex Stathis part 2:10 to 6:24), 2011

#3 'Hot Boy'n' Warp Wave, 2013

#2 'Yawgoons 14'
 (or any of the Yawgoons edits really), 2015

#1 'Dylan Dragotta at Loon' Dylan Dragotta, 2011

This may seem like a strange selection for my all-time snowboard edit. It's kinda cheezy at times and very very 'G', but I must have watched this over 100 times in 2011 alone trying to learn front-lip 450 outs. This cemented my obsession with rails for the next 5 years, and is tattooed permenently on my mind. I'm pretty sure i owned a pair of mint green pants because of Dylan too :)


And that's a wrap for this season! I've had fun bringing you a collection of snowboarding content that you might not have come across before in these weekly 'Watch it Wednesday' instalments, but now it's time to wind down, and get out and snowboard a little for myself, it is Spring after all! Peace, James.


Watch it Wednesday' is a weekly segment where we present to you snowboarding content that you might not have come across before. Movies and culture that are not typically distributed through the mainstream snow media. WATCH MORE 'Watch it Wednesday' content HERE.