Have you heard of Black Friday? Chances are yes. But only a couple years ago, most Aussies had never heard of it... Or if they had, it was likely during a 15 second piece on the nightly news, with vision of people being trampled by stampedes of frenzied Americans hunting down bargains over in the U.S of A.

Alot can change in a couple of years, and the global sale craze has reached our shores...

Last year on Black Friday, we went against the increasing trend to heavily discount all stock on this day. To save you another very long blog post, you can read the rant I wrote last year HERE.

The point of the story is this: we will not be holding a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales event. We are not against sales, we believe that discounting is a natural part of the selling cycle, needed to clear outdated stock etc. Infact you can find plenty of products on sale across all categories on our site. We are however against global sale events such as Black Friday, as it encourages rushed decisions, overspending and floods an already saturated marketplace with more and more goods.

In a time where it's never been more important to stop and take stock of where we are and where we are headed, I think it's important to take a stance. Our business strives to contribute to a better industry, country and global landscape and I think it is important to voice the opinions that not only we have, but others who partake in the madness also share.

If you truly want to support snowboarding, buy a quality product, one that will last, from a company invested in the culture and our future. Only if you need it though ;)

James (Owner/Operator).


Boards pictured above: all sizes of the United Shapes Cadet.

Happy Friday. Yay it's the weekend :)