Hot N' Cold


Let’s live smarter so we can continue to do this...

Tues December 10th 730am: Woke up to the worst smoke haze yet in Sydney this morning, with people now wearing dust masks out in public and fires burning in literally every direction around us. Meanwhile, in the Snowy Mountains, we have seen multiple Summer snowfall events in the past 2 weeks and the lowest ever recorded max temperature for December of -1deg at Thredbo (

Our local environment is kind of a scary place right now... But it doesn’t have to be.

Make good decisions and include the planet in them. Continue to have fun and spread joy. Share with people what you’re doing to contribute to a better future. I’ve recently started composting and growing food on my balcony and have pledged to start cycling to work rather than driving when we don’t need the van. I’m of no standing to be lecturing anyone on this, I just wanted to share my thoughts. Running a retail store challenges the very notions of what I mentioned above. But people need joy in their lives, and Snowboarding brings great joy, and a respect for Nature, which is invaluable. We cannot just stop living, but we do have to do it a little smarter at this point. There’s a lot to juggle, but just like in the backcountry, SMALL STEPS lead to BIG TURNS.

Stream of consciousness over, James.

Pictured above: Gray Thompson blasting pow for United Shapes