OG Boxing Day | TMG X NSWRFS


The term 'Boxing Day' originated from the English tradition of masters providing a box of goods & gifts to their servants... Or, as in wider Europe, folk extending a hand to those less fortunate. Let's bring it back.

This Boxing Day we are donating 20% of all online orders received to the NSW Rural Fire Service who have done so much, and are so under-resourced it's not funny.

(for those living outside Australia, a little back-ground: The East Coast of Australia is currently experiencing the worst Bushfires in recent history).


If you need something for your kit, or your upcoming trip, Order Online today Thursday 26th December and we will donate 20% of the order total to the NSW Rural Fire Service and email you your donation receipt shortly after.

Even if you don't need anything from us today, consider donating directly to the NSW RFS on their website. These volunteer fire fighters who are forgoing income and family time to keep others safe, and protect our natural habitats need all of our support both now and most definitley into the future.