Powder Onsen Ramen Beer: PORB


Shredding knee deep perfect pow in Japan should be closely followed by a muscle relaxing Onsen (Japanese style bath), a big bowl of Ramen and one or 10 Kirin Gold's... Airblaster knows this, and sensibly made the movie PORB; Powder, Onsen, Ramen, Beer...

The whole purpose of PORB was to test the brand NEW Ninja Suit Pro, a concept Airblaster had for a backcountry touring specific base layer. The question of whether the trip was also a planned tax write off and excuse to shred is obvious, of course it was...

Some serious testing went down, with proven results... The new suit works. It excels when backcountry touring due to it's waterproof shoulder material, highly breathable Merino fabric, and stretch panels where you need them most. Stride & comfort dramatically increase when hiking in the NSPro.

They're certainly not cheap at $469, but as they say... Quality is remembered long after the cost is forgotten, or in this case, after a few solid face shots.

Find out more about the Ninja Suit Pro and how it can take your comfort in the backcountry to new heights. Or scope the full OG Ninja Suit range HERE.