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A Perisher park edit for you...

Considering himself lucky to 1. have a job and 2. be snowboarding in the time of Covid-19, The Mountain Garage Team rider, Perisher Park Crew member and all-round good bloke Ashlin Coyne, together with filmmaker Sören Stöttrup filmed a few laps to share with the world...

Many of us couldn't ride this season, so we're stoked to present to you one of the few park edits to come out of Australia in the time of Coronavirus.

From Ashlin:

"We were the lucky ones. To be able to get a season in the boots this year was miraculously fortunate, add the opportunity to build and ride a park as well? Ya kidding! With Sturt T-bar spinning through a pandemic pressured Perisher we were threatened with a flattened park almost weekly. So thanks to the regular riders for cooperating with the ski hill Covid rules to keep us lapping.

Unfortunately Soren snapped his collarbone after only a few days working in the park and was forced onto a blacklisted pass for the season. Still appreciative of where we were, he hiked up to film a few sunny days in Front Valley.

This video is for the friends and riders in Australia who missed out on their own park laps this year."


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