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ZERO WASTE Snowboards. Hallelujah!

A Zero-Waste snowboard, how is that even possible? Well, one Utah snowboard company have achieved it, and we are incredibly stoked to say we are the first in the world to receive the 2021 Zero-Waste Niche Snowboards.

Niche Ember Zero Waste Snowboard 2021

The 2021 Niche Ember. Mindfully manufactured.


Niche boards are produced thoughtfully & sustainably, with the lowest impact on the environment. They use recycled steel and plastics in the build where they can, and every board in the Niche 2021 line is 100% recyclable!

The Mens Wraith. Freestyle focused & fully recyclable.


A recyclable snowboard, but how? When you're finished with your Niche board (ie ridden it for 5 years, want to upgrade etc), drop it back to a Niche dealer and the dealer will send the snowboard back to Niche to be broken down and re-purposed into new snowboards & other products.

How does it work? Thanks to a new glue, developed by Niche, called 'Recylamine', the snowboard can be dissolved and broken apart using a top-secret solution, enabling all structural components and materials to be harvested... These materials can then be recycled, repurposed or up-cycled to create new snowboards, or other products like surfboard fins and binding components. To encourage people to recycle, you'll even you'll receive a credit on a new Niche deck for doing so!


Recyclamine: A Zero-Waste Manufacturing Solution from Niche Snowboards on Vimeo.


Pretty cool huh! Hats off to Niche Snowboards. I'm sure it's not easy to make boards in this way, but it is important! We'd like to see more companies incorporate sustainable manufacturing into their processes. What do you think?

All of the 2021 boards are available online with free Australia-wide delivery, and great rates to the rest of the world!

Click HERE to browse the entire range...