Listen: Perthication Podcast Ep. 016 with Snowboard Shop Owner James Meade


James recently sat down with Ryan from the new Podcast, Perthication "An audio journey through the most isolated city in the world, Perth, Western Australia".

James grew up in Perth, and had no idea snow even existed until he and his family moved East to Sydney at the age of 11.

James and Ryan chat what it's like getting into, and eventually devoting your life to snowboarding, coming from a town with no snow, the importance and struggle of passion oriented careers, and give a little insight into the snowboard industry in Australia.

We'd both had really long days when this was recorded, so excuse the odd umm and arr, and enjoy Perthication Ep. 016: with James Meade... Warning, a little Explicit language from time to time on both sides of the microphone ;).



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