BLACK FRIDAY // But not as you know it...


BLACK FRIDAY with a twist @ The Mountain Garage

◾️ If you can’t be bothered reading this fired up speil that’s way too long I know, scroll to the bottom for the juice. ◾️

I’m getting a little sick of the crazy sales going on around the globe to push more product on people that don’t need it, creating more landfill, and excess manufacturing which in turn contributes to the big Climate Change problem that’s staring straight at us.

Yes there is a need to discount sometimes (clear one off sizes, damaged stock etc), but nation wide, or even world-wide sale movements such as BF or Cyber Monday are totally unnecessary (in my humble opinion).

Just the other day, I was driving along Pittwater Rd, eyeing off the massive SALE flags, flying off literally every single retail store from Brookvale to Dee Why. It shocked me. Why is everyone on sale all of the time? Unfortunately the stark realisation I came to, is that there are too many stores. The pressure of competition and over-supply is forcing retailers into deep discount mode, with devastating effects on both their long term viability as a business and the state of the planet.

I get it though, we’re part of the problem, The Mountain Garage is in retail after all.

There is a need for retail. People engage in fun activities like snowboarding which require equipment, and there needs to be places to purchase said equipment, but whatever happened to the old ‘we sell quality products at fair prices’ motto?

Quality products last, quality products are made to do a job over a long period of time. Quality products should be sold at prices which reflect the time, energy & materials needed to make them.

I feel consumers are wising up to the problem. Making considered decisions when shopping, purchasing less, and only when they need to. Vintage is coming back with a vengeance, and Gumtree and Buy Swap Sell pages are going nuts with people looking for quality second hand goods that already exist on planet Earth. Companies are doing all they can to ethically exist.

The times are changing, the writing is on the wall, and we all have the power to accentuate this change.

◾️◾️◾️ This BLACK FRIDAY until 26th Nov (Cyber Monday): Include one of the items pictured in your in-store or online order and we’ll donate 15% of your TOTAL order value to Protect Our Winters (and email you the deposit receipt). Just mention this post in-store, or use code: BLACKPOW online.

POW, run by Jeremy Jones is a not-for-profit organisation, leading the charge for positive climate action, and we’re choosing to support the good work they do.

The stealthy black products pictured include:

Remember to use the code: BLACKPOW in checkout so we can differentiate your order and send you your donation receipt.

♻️ We ran with a similar concept for our anti-boxing-day-sale last December, and hope to run more initiatives like this in the future. I have a notebook full of ideas to create a more conscious and sustainable snowboard store, just need some more time to put them in place!!

Thanks for listening, and I’d be stoked to continue chatting all things save the whales with you over email at

James (Owner).